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Twice a Slave Copyright © 2014 by Randy Willis and Sammy Tippit.  All Rights Reserved.

Published in the United States by SamRan Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 978-0-578-13703-2

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Twice a Slave - Sammy Tippit and Randy Willis tell the raw-boned epic, based on their own ancestors, that gives American history a new face and a fresh voice.

 1758, North Carolina.

The son of a white man and a Cherokee, Joseph Willis must live as a slave on his own property.

His struggle for freedom is complicated by a love forbidden by society and his newfound spiritual faith.

Declaring himself a slave to Jesus Christ, he experiences an eternal freedom no man or government can suppress -- and challenges most men would flee.

With a faith molded by tragedy, Joseph finds the courage to forgive -- and to change the course of a new nation.

Twice a Slave, Sammy Tippit and Randy Willis’ debut novel, has been chosen as a part of theJerry B. Jenkins Select Line along with four bestselling authors.

• Bandilyn Collins – Award winning novelist and author of the fast moving Seatbelt Series.
• Angela Hunt – Christy Award winner with nearly four million copies of her books sold.
• Billy Myers – His books and films have sold over eight million copies and his works have won over sixty awards.
• Hannah Alexander – Christy award winning novelist and author of numerous romance books.
Their new books, along with Twice a Slave will be released as part of Jerry B. Jenkins Select Line in 2014, at Amazon, Parable book stores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, eBook versions, and where ever great books are sold.
Jerry Jenkins is author of more than 180 books with sales of more than 70 million copies, including the best-selling Left Behind series.


Copyright © 2014 Randy Willis and Sammy Tippit. All Rights Reserved.